Africa relies on youth and science to promote culture

Dardari Ahmed and GOC – Gnako Offo Cooporation are betting on inviting a team of young engineering students and entrepreneurs during the 3rd international congress on issues of unity, stability and development in the international Morocco environment, organized in collaboration with Université Abdelmalek Essaâdi from April 22 to 24, 2019 in Tetouan (Morocco) As a result, it is almost the entire jHapy team that responds: Jérémie Perales , Mory Diabaté, Eric KALA and Hamza ACHCHAB and takes part in the event as a representative of the student and scientific community alongside ASEESIM-CASA (Association of Ivorian Pupils, Students and Trainees in Morocco Casablanca Section) and FSJES (Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences) of Mohammedia . The observation led by the communities is that historically, the peoples who have seen their culture shared and spread throughout the world are not those who have the richest culture or the easiest to integrate, but indeed those who created an economic interest and which appear as models, initially economic, before becoming cultural models.
« Making African culture strong must go hand in hand with Africa’s overall attractiveness »

The second main idea defended was to innovate and develop products that respect and enhance the local culture and ways of life, even in cases that appear to be harmful. Numerous cases have shown that with a touch of ingenuity and digitalization, an everyday habit seen as anarchic and harmful at the moment can become a concept making the rest of the world jealous.

« A study showed that one way to save pandas would be to eat them, because an economy and therefore livestock would be born »

The event resulted in the creation of an African cultural parliament with the aim of working on respect for the diversity and richness of African cultures and habits of life in a vision of economic development and innovation.

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